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Theoretical Foundations For Quantitative Finance

July 6, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Theoretical Foundations for Quantitative Finance

by Luca Spadafora

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This book provides simple introduction to quantitative finance for students and junior quants who want to approach the typical industry problems with practical but rigorous ambition. It shows a simple link between theoretical technicalities and practical solutions. Mathematical aspects are discussed from a practitioner perspective, with a deep focus on practical implications, favoring the intuition and the imagination. In addition, the new post-crisis paradigms, like multi-curves, x-value adjustments (xVA) and Counterparty Credit Risk are also discussed in a very simple framework. Finally, real world data and numerical simulations are compared in order to provide a reader with a simple and handy insight on the actual model performances.


















Theoretical Foundations for Quantitative Finance Luca Spadafora










Theoretical Foundations for Quantitative Finance




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